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SAS Paper Leaf is availabile round the year in all shops like grocery, general merchants, departmental stores, hotels and motels.

SAS Paper Leaf is available at all times to meet the total demand and there is no scarcity at all.

SAS Paper Leaves are perfectly hygienic and fully guaranteed for many years. Need not be washed before use as they are sterilized and kept clean in packs.

SAS Paper Leaves are scientifically manufactured to keep even hot foods with their taste / flavour intact.

SAS Paper Leaf will remain ever green irrespective of the time frame - always looks fresh, new & clean.

SAS Paper Leaves can be tolerated without losing its original quality when even sprinkled with boiled water at 100 °c.

SAS Paper Leaf can be easily folded and cleared off the place without causing any spoil / dirt on the floor or to the dress.

SAS Paper Leaf is manufactured so as not to ooz out even a single drop and so, the parcel is always intact with its contents.