About Us - Best Paper Leaf Production company in India



We are glad to introduce ourselves as M/S. S.A. Safiullah & Co., Pudukkottai the front runner in the production of scented betelnut in the brand name 'Nizam Betelnut' for the past 38years. Her sister concern M/S. S.A.S. Company is manufacturing the artificial paper banana leaf in the brand name 'S.A.S' Leaf product with the innovative machinery by skilled labours and on purely hygenic basis. The leaf is made out of paper and coated with food grade poly.


The Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu has certified our product is an Eco friendly and bio-degradable.

The Central Food Technological Research Institute Mysore, has also certified that our product is an odourless one and highly suitable for serving and packing foods.

We are the only Patent Right holders (No. 198079 of 29.08.2000) and also registered our design (Regn. No. 182931) with a view to ensure the unique in our quality and for blocking fakes and duplicate.

The following are our type of products:

1. Dinner Leaf for serving heavy foods.

2. Tiffin Leaf for serving light foods.

3. Parcel Leaf for packing without any change in the heat and taste of the food and also without dampness and leakage.

Our product SAS Paper leaf is available throughout the year without any scarcity to fulfill the needs. It can be easily handled and causes no damage while serving and cleaning. It is proven to be safe for packing, storing and serving food including hot Indian food. Our product does not suffer from the defects and negative aspects of natural banana leaf.


Though we hardly have any close competitor in the country to produce this product in such the best quality is our mission in the future is to endeavour to provide and maintain the customer delight through surplus supply of Bio-Degradeable and Eco-Friendly material for serving and packing of food products.


We have customer throughout India and allover the world who love and support our product. Few among our overseas customers are in...