• Not freely available during the year round-Heavy demand and scarcity in the market during festive and other seasons.
  • Available only with particular shops – i.e., Plantain leaf merchants.
  • Handling shall be highly delicate and rough handling may spoil its utility – may torn and cause damage / wastage.
  • No guarantee for hygienic protection. Water has to be sprinkled mandatory on the leaves to wash out the dirt’s before use.
  • Hot food items when packed, would spoil its aroma making it unpalatable.
  • Plantain leaf can’t sustain even with normal heat and its green color will change if the food items are kept on it.
  • While parceling the food items with plantain leaf, newspaper is necessary.
  • A plantain leaf will fade from its green color, when kept for 2-3 days.
  • After dining, it is normally difficult to remove the used plantain leaves without getting torn spoiling the pla

                                                                                 SAS PAPER LEAF

  • Paper leaf is available at all times to meet local demands and there is no scarcity at all.
  • Paper leaf is available around the year in all shops like grocery, General Merchants, Departmental stores, Hotels & Motels.
  • Paper leaf has no damage at all. Every leaf will give its maximum utility.
  • Paper leaves are hygienic and fully guaranteed for many years. Need not to be washed before use as these are sterilized and kept clean in packs.
  • Paper leaves are scientifically tested to serve hot foods with own taste intact.
  • Paper leaves can tolerate without losing its original quality even when sprinkled with boiled water with 100°c.
  • Paper leaves need no additional newspaper for packing parcels. These are economical with the minimum cost and labour.
  • Paper leaves will remain green irrespective of the time frame - always looks a fresh, new and clean.
  • Paper leaf can be easily folded and cleared off the place without causing any dirt over the floor.