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(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)

SAS Paper Banana Leaf has been certified as a Bio-Degradable product by CENTRAL ELECTROCHEMICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE after conducting various test under various conditions.
Experiments has been carried out in our Pollution Control Laboratory to test the degradability of the poly-coated paper (Banana leaves shaped paper) supplied by M/S S.A Safiullah & Co., T.S. No. 9610, Rajagopalapuram Main Road, Post Box: No. 14, Pudukkottai – 622003, in aerated natural environment. It is confirmed from our experimental results that the paper samples of the above said firm are degradable in natural aquatic environment at the rate of 0.2% to 0.4% per hr on an average (on percent weight basis). Hence the above paper sample is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material.

At a normal room temperature or to be more exact at a normal food’s (heated) temperature the chemical that of with which the product is made won’t be melted. So that, the food would be safe and good to have. It also contains the heat and helps in prolonging it for a long time to have the tasty food contently. According to the test reports our Paper Banana Leaf can contain upto 100 Degree Celcius of water.




The global migration values for the submitted sample namely, ‘AZAM’ computer banana leaf (Polyethylene Coated Paper) when tested with n-Heptane(38Degree Celsius / 0.5h), Distilled water (40Degree Celsius / 10Days) & 3% Acetic acid (40Degree Celsius / 10Days) are within the limits specified for the intended use for suitability for packaging and storage of food products at room temperature.

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